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Building 264 AKA Acme/Albertsons Eastern Distribution Center

General Contractor: Clark/Epstein Joint Venture - Bethesda, MD
Architect: Greenfield Assoc. - Lancaster, PA
Engineer: Facility Engineers, Inc - Smyrma, GA
Roofing Consultant: Moisture Control Tecnologies, Inc - Volo, IL
Building Use: Eastern distribution - Dry storage, cold storage, freezer storage
Size: 1,500,000 s.f. - Roof membrane Johns Manville SR-80 PVC
Roofing Contract: $5,000,000
Duration: 1 year

Due to the size and complexity of this project, Clark Construction interviewed WRR and found that we were the most qualified to perform the roofing for this project. This is from our past experience with cold storage roofing, which is probably the most difficult to perform because you not only have to install a watertight roof but also an air tight assembly. The vapor drive is opposite that of a conventional building, meaning the drive is into the building instead of out.


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