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Weis Markets - Sunbury, PA
Featured In Roofer Magazine !

Building Use: Weis Markets perishable distribution facility
Size: 185,000 s.f. - Roof membrane Versigard 45 mil

Work began in the fall and continued through the winter months. To maintain adequate refrigeration levels, only small sections of the roof - approximately 200 square feet - could be completed at a time. First the existing roof and insulation were torn off; the deck was cleaned; and the new insallation and membrane installed.

The entire re-roof was completed with no disruption of service - food deliveries continued seven days a week; and, just as important, no food products were lost due to the re-roof.

(cleaning and preparing metal deck)

(weed-eaters equipped with metal brushes to get the tight spots)

(** photos and text taken from Roofer Magazine, April 15, 1997 edition)


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